Sunday, 15 November 2015

People with Bad Eating Habits

Pork scratchings are acceptable to make a lot of noise eating, end of list.

People who chew soup, slapping their jaws together between every spoonful, people who make over exaggerated gulping noises when swallowing food, people who slap their mouths and get half chewed food everywhere when eating.

I have no idea what makes people eat like this. I always think of going on a date or on a business lunch (is that just an American thing? I’m not sure) and having to make an impression. What kind of impression does it give if you chew soup? I’m an idiot and I don’t know how food works is what it makes me think.
And as for these over exaggerated gulping noises. WHAT THE FUCK is up with that? You are not a seagull swallowing a whole fish for fuck sakes, eat normally.

I genuinely have heard people half way through a meal saying “mmmmm that’s nice” as if making the mmmm sound wasn’t bad enough you have to talk to…who are you talking to exactly? Who the fuck cares? The only time to talk about a meal is when you turn to someone who has cooked for you to compliment their cooking. Or when you are out for a meal with people and you comment on the quality of the food after the meal.

I question how many people on this shitty little island are inbred at times.

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