Tuesday, 10 November 2015

People who ruin your day as soon as you wake up

Ever woke up in a good mood only to have it ruined by a dickhead? 
I have far too often.

For me this comes in the form of being woken up by; shouting/loud conversations, people stomping up and down stairs, hoovering, doors slamming, cupboards slamming and my favourite bickering (when two people are arguing/disagreeing but not overly aggressively more when a teenager is told to do something and they fight out there cause with a parent, that kind of thing).

This is at most inconsiderate and disrespectful or at least absent minded and just a little bit cunty. The biggest problem I have with this is that I am the kind of person who if I knew someone hadn’t got to be up early, if it was their one day off from work say, I would make sure to be quite in everything I did. But again that’s just me. It seems a lot of my problems with other people stem from the fact that I expect more from them because I would go out of my way to not impact someone’s day negatively. From my life experience it seems we are the 1%, the thinkers, the considerate.

This is not completely an act of being woken up prematurely mind you. This also comes in the form of people moving your stuff. This is my number one hate with people you have to live with. Nothing winds me up more than not being able to find something I need/want to use as it has been moved from the place where I left it. The worst thing about this for me is I could understand moving my stuff if I in fact left it on the floor in the middle of a communal room for people to trip over, but I wouldn’t do that as I am a pretty considerate person as stated before. I mean come on moving a wallet from one shelf to another is not tidying, its borderline mental illness and is completely unnecessary unless the original location of the wallet was taking up space in which something else is more suited, which is never the case the original location is always left bare and unused merely two feet from the new location (this is a personal one can you tell?).
What annoys me more is when the same person who moves your shit then leaves I don’t know let’s say a handbag on the stairs, about three or four steps up pushed to the side but with the strap lying across the step like a bear trap waiting to latch onto your ankle but instead of nearly cutting your foot off, gravity sends you flying back down those four steps, which might as well be a ten foot drop as the butterflies in your stomach have no concept of falling distances. This however has never actually happened to me but I’ve had a few near misses.

Shared bathrooms are also hard in a house full of inconsiderate people. I luckily have a toilet in shed that’s attached to our house for “emergencies”. Thank God, Allah, Buddah and Bruce Wayne for that outside toilet, its saved my ass (more like my underwear) more times than I can count due to people having long showers or cleaning the bathroom at 8 a.m.

Unfortunately, there is sweet fuck all you can do about this most of the time and your best bet is to sit out the shit storm (sometimes a little more literal than I’d like) and dream of a day where you can live alone in a cave away from horrible people. You might even befriend a fox and a squirrel and live happily ever after in a sort of mashup of Jungle Book and The Animals of Farthing wood. (Oh shit, I’ve finally lost it).

But anyway on a serious note as Fleetwood Mac say “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow”, and even though you might still be stuck surrounded by these people tomorrow you wont be for the rest of your life, so for now work at getting away, make a plan so that you will never have a morning ruined again.

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