Friday, 13 November 2015

People who want credit for stuff they’re (not) supposed to do

Now this is a Chris Rock joke so watch it then we’ll discuss. This has a shit load of bad language in so keep that in mind if you're at work or at you children's nursery. This is just a snippet I'll post the whole 8 minute clip at the end of the post because it's funny as fuck and if you haven't seen it you should.

Ok watched it? Good. How true is this? I mean I have literally just seen something on Facebook, a person I know shared a photo of a guy holding up a sign that reads “I’ve been clean off Meth and Heroin for 1 and a half years, can I get a like and a share?”. No, no you can’t. See I have several problems with this. 1 what good is it actually going to do if I like and share this photo? You don’t get paid from it. You wont get famous particularly, unless someone makes you into a meme. And you aren’t supposed to do drugs in the first place you fucking dumb, dumb. Well not those drugs anyway. If you’re stupid enough to try them knowing that they are massively addictive, well you stupid as hell.
And don’t get it twisted I’m not an anti drug guy by any means. In fact, I think all drugs should be legalized and regulated. Like if the reason you don’t smoke meth is because it’s illegal you’re an idiot. The reason you shouldn’t smoke Meth is because that shit will fuck you up, that should be your reason. Like if all drugs were made legal you’d run out and grab a gram of coke because the government say it’s ok, fucking sheeple.

Any way that’s a short one for today. I feel more stuff about Facebook bubbling inside me so I’m probably going to dedicate tomorrows rant to Facebook folks. God I hate Facebook.

 Here's the full Chris Rock clip I promised.

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