Friday, 17 June 2016

EU Referendum - an idiots guide.

For anyone who doesn’t know what the hell is going on in the UK at the moment with this EU referendum, I am here to shed some light on the matter.

Basically the vote leave side of this referendum want the UK (or at least England) to leave Europe and become independent. The main argument I see from these mostly middle aged white men is that leaving Europe would leave the UK with a thriving industry. This probably isn’t true mind, lets face it if big companies can get stuff made for cheaper in India or wherever they are going to do that.
Another argument is that we pay too much money into the EU without anything in return. Well who knows if this is true for every article I read backing this up I read another one saying it’s complete bullshit. And for the EU gives us nothing argument I say look back to when the lizard overlord that is David Cameron tried to scrap human rights so we could have British rights or whatever the nonsense was he called it, after all he only wanted to read your emails and see what porn you’re watching, the sick fuck!

Lastly the leave campaigns secret agenda which seems to be the one people are really passionate about be it explicitly or covertly… IMMIGRANTS. Yes, foreigners coming here with their degrees and taking the jobs of white English people with a BTEC Level one in public services. How dare they become doctors and save lives and force an Englishman to stand outside his local ‘One Stop’ drinking Special Brew at 11am, bloody disgusting.
This whole argument reminds me of that South Park episode… you know what I’ll link the clip…

There “they took our jobs” and as fitting as this is the deeper issue behind this seems to be the fear of Muslims, of refugees and of migrants (as the news likes to call them now the are done calling them swarms). This fear that the British way of life is going to change due to all these people coming to our tiny island. Most of the people with this argument live in small towns, live in rural areas and have never left, let alone never met a Muslim in their lives.
But the fear is there instilled by politicians and the media.

The stay campaign seems to have the attitude of if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Which seems a bit more plausible? This country is fucked because of backwards thinking politicians not because of Europe.

All in all, I for one am not voting. I see this whole thing as a massive distraction and can’t help but wonder what other sinister shit is happening behind the doors of the Tory party while the news and its millions of sheep are blindly occupied with this referendum. I mean log into your Facebook now it will be full of this shit.

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